With the Golden Production Run AI app, every aspect of your manufacturing batch or process can be integrated under an automated multivariate analysis, which identifies the best range of parameters to guarantee optimized production consistently. It also monitors operations, creates simulations and offers real-time guidance that can be easily implemented on the shop floor.


improvement in production


in yield


reduction in rejected batches


reduction in batch cycle times


improvement in quality parameters

The approach

By using our Process Memory algorithms and the real-world expertise of SMEs, the app delivers consistent production runs that excel in quantity, quality and efficiency.

The Neewee Advantage

Impact on the outcomes
in 6-8 weeks

Ready-made models that can be easily configured, connected and scaled

Run-time recommendations and insights based on multivariate parameters to help operators achieve optimal outcomes

Integration of hardware with the Golden Batch recipe enables end-to-end digitalization

Algorithms designed specifically for Golden Batch production

Unforeseen variations can be taken into account and tackled in real time


Case Studies

Know more about how the Golden Production Run AI app has been applied by leading manufacturers to improve yield and processes.

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