How to Unlock Connectivity for Holistic Digital Transformation of Manufacturing

Different generations of assets on manufacturing shop floor increases the challenge of data acquisition, hence creating data silos. The efforts for the end-to-end digital transformation of processes get hampered. However, Neewee can create connectivity to interface at any manufacturing level with all types of machines having different communication ports using various protocols. And it may all begin to seem as easy-breezy as a walk in the park! Read to find out how?

How Neewee Streamlines Manufacturing Data Acquisition (DAQ)

“Connectivity” is the password for unlocking the holistic digital transformation of your manufacturing. There must be connectivity, not only between all the assets but also for all the processes in the entire manufacturing value chain. Neewee has always aimed at simplifying “connectivity” to streamline data acquisition and enhance customer experiences.

Different manufacturing systems require a different approach to collecting relevant production data. Several machines and processes are involved, and readiness of the equipment for connectivity differs.

At level zero, equipment resources such as sensors, actuators, and PLC transmit data. While at the next couple of manufacturing levels, Distributed Control System (DCS), Human Machine Interface (HMI), and the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) or CNC machines for manufacturing systems act as the data sources.

Companies typically use an ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) system for planning, supply chain, manufacturing, financials. While on shop floor or in plants manufacturers use information exchange standards such as OPC or MT Connect to streamline machine connectivity. In such cases, data acquisition can be simple by connecting to these systems.

In other cases, our Bodhee AI (Artificial Intelligence) apps are equipped to decipher a wide range of data sources. In addition, our range of IIOT devices called Rishee are used as data aggregators, smart controls, software connectors and gateways for continuous data communication.

“Information is in plenty, but intelligence is limited,

without seamless connectivity between machines and processes through all levels of manufacturing control systems.”

– Gucchu Gul Lalwani, Co-Founder & Chief Product Engineering, Neewee

Creating Seamless Connectivity in Processes and Machines

Harmonization of acquired data, in-depth diagnostic data analytics, and appropriate data visualization are essential for identifying and solving manufacturing problems.

Neewee’s Digital Twin technology makes the best use of the connectivity. Once multiple manufacturing assets and sub-processes data are linked together from end to end, a virtual replica gets created of every asset, component, and process in your entire manufacturing system. Digital Twin then facilitates the simulation of the LIVE production processes. Enhanced operational visibility provides the manufacturer with a clear understanding of the shop floor realities.

Integrated data analytics powered by AI and Machine learning algorithms then help identify the anomalies in the operations and assess improvement opportunities.

Monitor> Analyze> Control> Recommend

AI/ML-powered production monitoring and predictive analytics improve decision-making, enable process control, and provide actionable insights for process improvement.

 By aligning Neewee’s Digital Twin technology to the value you expect from your manufacturing processes, you can optimize production efficiency and enhance quality with a targeted approach.

To read in detail about the transformational impact Neewee’s Digital Twin technology can make on your manufacturing, you can read our previous post here (Back-to-Back Success for Neewee’s Digital Twin Technology. – Neewee)

Digital Transformation That Leads to Quantifiable Improvement

There will be a visible improvement in enterprise-wide performance. You can track and leverage key performance indicators (KPIs) to drive sustainable growth. Your manufacturing transformation is as efficient as the quantifiable factors indicate.

The Business Impact that Leads to $ Translation:

  • Reduced working capital by 8-10%
  • Enhanced product quality by 10-12%
  • Improved process yields by 8-10%
  • Improved production performance by 5-7%

Pick only the best holistic digital transformation strategy that guarantees quantifiable results.

Contact us. Let’s optimize!


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