Replacing the Myth with Clarity: AI Tech is Workforce Friendly

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology makes workers/operators/manpower redundant? That is a MYTH that has ridden the hype cycle for too long, and it's time we take it down for good. Mainstream adoption of Industrial AI has accelerated and hit the Plateau of Productivity. Read to find out why AI tech is now clearly defined as workforce friendly.

What is Industrial AI Technology?

Robots disrupting human life and running our world is surely a futuristic theme that belongs to science-fiction. It is a proven fact that there is no bigger help than AI on the industrial shop floor presently.

IR4 initiated a heavy focus on automation, digitization, and connectivity in the manufacturing setting. Powered by AI Technology, it is not just the machines that are becoming Smart, but it also has the ability to make people work smarter. Industrial AI takes away the tedious and long-drawn effort of manual processes, making the life of the production workforce easier.

For a long time, AI has been thought of as something that would replace human workers in the future. But recent advancements in technology have shown that there are many ways in which AI can actually help make our workforce more productive and innovative.

Industrial AI Technology is about maximizing the efficiency of shop floor workers and machines, by using them in a smarter way, TOGETHER.

How is AI- based Production Scheduling Helping the Workforce Thrive at Shopfloor Level?

As Industrial AI technology becomes more prevalent, it is important to understand its benefits and stop looking at it as a threat to humanity. Consider the advantages of implementing AI in your manufacturing processes.

Learn how AI makes data integration easier and helps utilize your crucial resource—manpower most efficiently. Simultaneously also making production scheduling extremely user-friendly for the production team.

Statistics show that 61 % of workers say the adoption of AI has led to a boost in productivity as tedious, repetitive, and routine tasks can be offloaded to AI. 49% have reported improved decision-making or faster time to insights. And 37% said there is better collaboration across teams.

AI is revolutionizing the process of production scheduling. It brings dynamic capabilities to the shop floor. AI not only automates the process of data upload or integration but also simplifies a variety of tasks by leveraging reinforcement learning algorithms. In the event of sudden machine failure or change in product demand, rescheduling with Excel sheets would have been full of complexities and even erroneous.

AI-based production scheduling that replaced the manual methods saves the production planner a lot of time and energy. It helps them flexibly adjust resource constraints according to the Live updates from the shop floor. AI-enabled advanced analytics provide timely alerts and actionable insights, making decision-intensive rescheduling fast, easy, and error-free for the production planner.

The user-friendly interface of the AI-based production scheduler allows skill-based task allocation with just a drag-and-drop action. Appropriate task-manpower relationships improve production efficiency.

AI supports better data communication between all teams. With better visibility the production planner can utilize the available machine and raw material resources efficiently, helping all production workflows to progress smoothly. AI/ML-generated optimized schedules enable plant managers to maximize capacity for optimal productivity.

A job well-done will only improve work satisfaction among the production workforce.

Dispelling the MYTH

Contrary to popular belief, Artificial Intelligence will not replace human workers. An AI-powered industry is not the destroyer of human jobs. In fact, AI is helping companies create more human-centric workplaces.

AI can make shopfloor activities and production scheduling more productive and less stressful.

We must let go of all the myths and misconceptions surrounding AI.

Conclusion: AI Technology Optimizes Manpower

You may know this age-old saying, “Two heads are better than one.” It gets even better when one head is human and the other has artificial intelligence to offer! AI augments human intelligence for more informed and precise decision-making. There’s no better time than now to let this powerful Human and AI collaboration enhance production and boost your business.


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