What Is the Right Approach to Resolving Operational Pain Points?

Customer Experience (CX) is the only thing that keeps you in business. And that is something we cannot emphasize enough!

The quality of CX you forward will vary depending upon how efficiently you manage your manufacturing. To improve customer experience, we must start by addressing the manufacturing pain points.

A manufacturing pain point is a problem—with the production process, resources, or supply chain—that will consequently impact the customer expectations as much as it disturbs your business operations.

It is a common belief that all manufacturers are alike, and their pain points are mostly always related to their production operations, which may be categorized as:

  • Productivity pain points
  • Financial pain points
  • Process pain points

However, it is essential for us to understand that the root causes of these pain points are diverse yet unique to every enterprise. Also, many manufacturers, unfortunately, remain oblivious to the flaws in their production system until they suffer monetary losses or lose valuable customers. Adopting and implementing AI/ML technology to discover the anomalies in your production system would work like a safety net!

“I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully.

Most people never listen.”

– Ernest Hemingway

Like an empathetic friend, Neewee can lend you a supportive shoulder and a patient listening ear. It is a collaborative approach to understanding your manufacturing goals before deploying customized solutions. Our AI apps are designed to identify and get to the root cause of the pain points you are experiencing and help eliminate them.

Capitalizing on IR4 Technologies to Improve CX

Advanced manufacturing data analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps / Machine Learning (ML) algorithms is the number-one growth driver. Live production data from the entire manufacturing value chain gets analyzed to acquire business intelligence. Diagnostic analytics of the big data can help identify the process parameters or factors influencing the production process, causing deviations in workflows and variations in quality output. Predictive analytics facilitate forecasting of upstream events and can also help prevent unexpected machine downtime, bottlenecks, and such.  Our advanced ML algorithms monitor processes, and our AI apps provide production planners with actionable insights for process corrections in real-time. With technologies that enable 360 degrees of visibility and LIVE shop floor monitoring production planners get superlative intelligence on the realities as well as hidden pain points.

Decision-makers are provided with prescriptive recommendations, which can help them resolve the problems.

When you are achieving all your manufacturing goals, you are pushing all the right buttons that will funnel the benefits down to your customer. You will be meeting all the customer expectations, thus forwarding a favorable customer experience.

Enhancing CX can fetch a 5% increase in customer retention, the increase in profits can be between 25% and 95%. [3]

So, in summary, operations optimization and customer experience optimization go hand in hand. It is, therefore, crucial to prioritize the adoption of AI/ML technologies for identifying and resolving your operational pain points.

Realize your manufacturing utopia of agile, cost-effective processes delivering optimized productivity.

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