The 7 Sins of Manufacturing: Why Smart Projects Fail

What are the seven deadly sins of Smart manufacturing and how would you know that you have been committing them? Are they just common mistakes that all manufacturers make or are you jeopardizing your smart factory project? Is there an IR4 technology that can guarantee a way out before it's too late? You get to read simple answers to complex questions in our blog now!

In this era of sophisticated and rapidly advancing IR4 technologies, enterprises should not be experiencing failure at all!

Flawed decision-making about input process parameters leads to one of the most commonly experienced technical production failures as it directly influences the quality of the product output. On the other hand, organizational failure occurs when the internal communication of data remains siloed, thus preventing transparency in decision-making, which results in activities not aligned with the manufacturing goals. Many such small and big mistakes land manufacturers with results that are a far cry from their intended goals. Unfortunately, they realize the cause of those mistakes a little too late in the day when they have already lost customers and revenue.

Digital transformation is the touted solution for such manufacturing problems. The timely adoption of AI initiatives could salvage your manufacturing from the trickiest situations. The keyword here is “timely.” Also, it is essential that the right IR4 technologies get implemented in the most appropriate manner for your Smart factory to be a sure-shot success.

 So, we thought of listing the 7 common mistakes that lead your Smart manufacturing projects toward failure. We have also shared tips that manufacturers could use to achieve success.

The 7 Sins of Smart Manufacturing That Lead to Failure:

  1. Inadequate IIoT connectivity between machines, business processes, and the entire value chain.
  2. Overlooking the importance of data quality, harmonization, and integrated data analytics.
  3. Lack of clarity regarding the objectives leading to misunderstanding of the project requirements.
  4. Lack of 360 degrees visibility of the entire manufacturing value chain.
  5. Ignoring the need for Live process mapping and real-time comparison of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  6. Forgetting to consider all human resources, availability, and skill gaps.

and finally, the seventh and biggest of all sins would be…

   7. Ignoring the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps in helping you rid your manufacturing of the big 6 sins or mistakes.

AI apps work with advanced algorithms that learn from past actions, preventing the repetition of mistakes. Only AI apps can help solve the great puzzle of achieving complete process control for flawless production planning!

Bodhee® AI apps awaken you

to the knowledge of the past, challenges of the future &

the opportunities hidden in the present,

with their end-to-end capabilities of streamlining the entire manufacturing.”

-Harsimrat Bhasin, Co-founder & CEO of Neewee

AI-powered integrated data-analytics can break down the silos between business intelligence and production planning and scheduling. IT and IIoT convergence is the ultimate way to creating successful Smart factory projects. Flexible operations that adapt to changing priorities will provide the desired value from the manufacturing processes. When all production processes are completely visible, transparent, efficient, and autonomous you can rest assured that your manufacturing has truly evolved into a Smart factory of the future.

Bodhee AI apps support a long-term digitization strategy that can keep your manufacturing on the path to success in a sustainable manner.

Pro Tip:

Whether it is AI apps, ML algorithms, predictive data analytics, edge computing, digital twins, or any other Industry 4 technology you wish to explore, leave it to the experts! Get recommendations for the best technological solution customized to your needs.

Quit committing more mistakes (no less than sins) as you know its direct impact on the outcomes. Contact us. Let’s optimize!

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