The WIP Reduction app offers a data-powered overview of the manufacturing value chain and enables you to identify the systemic bottlenecks that generate WIP. Additionally, the app also forecasts where WIP is likely to be generated in upcoming production runs and offers recommendations on how the load on the production line can be better managed in order to optimize manufacturing.

The approach

Mapping the value chain is the key to identifying excessive WIP. By gaining full visibility over the production process, the app is able to identify and predict bottlenecks.

The Neewee Advantage

Deployment in 8-10 weeks

Visibility across the value chain

Algorithmic bottleneck identification

Configurable business rules


The WIP Reduction app is an industry-agnostic solution that can be applied horizontally across manufacturing operations to reduce buffer stock, wastage and working capital.

Case Studies

The WIP Reduction AI app’s detailed, data-powered overview has enabled leading global companies to optimize output and production efficiency.

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