Month: November 2021

Empathy in Company Culture is the Sign of an Emotionally Intelligent Organization

Most often, empathy gets you focusing on dealing with individual customer problems and complaints as they occur. It does come naturally to most, but it is also a skill you can learn and develop.  
Higher the level of employee empathy in the company culture, better the level of organizational EQ/EI. To emerge as a successful business leader, heightened empathy in your company culture and customer-centricity must also go hand-in-hand. But how do we build Empathy?

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Lean Manufacturing with AI

How to get a 3x productivity boost using Lean Manufacturing with AI

Lean Manufacturing is a management philosophy that urges you toward eliminating waste and improving productivity. But, what is a manufacturer really expected to do to join the burgeoning crowd in Lean Thinking? 
Lean manufacturing is not as easy as all the clever literature may make it seem. Leveraging the right technology is crucial. Read to find out what AI applications can give you the right solutions for specific manufacturing problems.

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