Neewee’s Golden Production AI App

With Neewee’s Golden Production Run app, every input and process parameter can be integrated under an automated multi-step and multivariate analysis that identifies the best parameters – called the Golden Thread

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Neewee’s WIP Reduction AI App

Data silos and a lack of end-to-end visibility over the manufacturing process lead to process bottlenecks, hidden buffers causing an excess of WIP, inefficient allocation of resources, and increased working capital.

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Neewee’s Predictive Maintenance AI App

Our Predictive Maintenance AI app offers asset failure prediction with a long-term horizon. It combines multivariate behavior change algorithms, time and frequency domain analyses, and real-time monitoring with short-term and long-term predictions

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Neewee’s Integrated Micro Planning AI App

Our Integrated Micro Planning AI app bridges the gap between planning and real-time production events by offering a macro perspective of the production life cycle with micro inputs integrated by Machine Learning and AI

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Neewee’s Predictive Quality AI App

Neewee’s Predictive Quality AI app tracks the patterns of parameter interactions between all the assets in the production cycle instead of isolated machines and processes. The app provides early warnings about quality risks

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Neewee’s Production Performance Monitoring AI App

Manufacturing consists of a series of interconnected processes and parts, and a variation in one component could set off a chain reaction. Under these circumstances, the lack of visibility caused by data silos could result in inefficient production

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Meet Bodhee

We make Manufacturing more Visible and Transparent, Efficient and Autonomous using our product Bodhee. The video gives you a quick preview on how Bodhee helps manufacturers

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Shop Floor delivered Analytics

We make Manufacturing more Visible and Transparent, Efficient and Autonomous using our product Bodhee.

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Golden Production Run by Neewee

Introducing the Golden Production Run app by Bodhee. Upgrade to automated, multivariant and multi-step analysis and enjoy a more than 15% increase in yield and production

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