The Bodhee Production Scheduler bridges the gap between planning and real-time production events by offering a macro perspective of the production lifecycle with micro inputs integrated by Machine Learning and AI. The app creates a daily or weekly production schedule by aligning your strategic goals with day-to-day, real-time production operations. This optimizes the manufacturing process and minimizes wastage.


reduction in working capital


improvement in capacity utilization


reduction in cycle times

The approach

The Bodhee Production Scheduler links up with the existing planning solutions to align with the long-term strategy of the manufacturing operation. Once the set-up is complete, the app delivers recommendations based on the dynamics of the shop floor. With real-time guidance, planning becomes proactive and operations are more efficient.

The Neewee Advantage

Impact on outcomes within
8-12 weeks

Planning and production become synchronized and more efficient

Specialized Machine Learning and AI algorithms optimize the planning process at every level

Real-time recommendations and alerts to Planning, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing Leadership teams

Alignment with overall and long-term strategies


The Bodhee Production Scheduler is horizontal in nature and can be applied to manufacturing operations across all industries.

Case Studies

The Bodhee Production Scheduler has enabled leading manufacturing companies to achieve long-term goals with micro-level planning inputs that are delivered in real time.

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