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How IIOT Platforms are Getting Impacted by the Idea of Use Cases Driving Scalability and Accelerating ROI.

Organizationally, how ready are you for scaling your industrial IOT pilot or POC or not? Most legacy organizations fail to scale, says Jaspreet Bindra, Thought Leader in AI and Digital Transformation. Find out why, and how you could arrive at a solution. In the world of multi-dimensional data today, the traditional asset-centric and industry analytics IoT platforms can no longer provide competitive benefits or business impact.

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Golden Production Run

How to Get Golden Production Runs Consistently in 5 Easy Steps.

Identifying the Golden Thread means finding that perfect combination of raw material composition and process parameters, guaranteeing the best output in quantity and quality every time. Here we reveal the secret of getting Golden Production Runs consistently. The golden batch is an ideal production run, which works as a template of gold standards. All future mass-production lines would have to measure up to it for quality control.

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