With Neewee’s Production Performance Monitoring AI app, manufacturers can eliminate data silos and have an end-to-end overview of the production process, thus identifying bottlenecks and abnormalities. This results in reduced WIP and improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Overall Line Efficiency (OLE), alongside upticks in various other parameters.


improvement in production


in costs


improvement in quality


reduction in rework

The approach

Neewee’s Production Performance Monitoring app is highly customizable; you could define your own processes for a quick and easy set-up. The app connects all process parameters to reveal a digital thread, which traces the entire life cycle of a batch or product. It can be easily viewed on a dashboard alongside reports and actionable alerts with drill downs, creating greater visibility and control.

The Neewee Advantage

Deployment in 6-8 weeks for a medium complexity process

Pre-built enablers for quick and effortless configuration

Customizable and intuitive UI that is easy to use on the shop floor

Complete traceability of cause-and-effect correlations throughout the production process


The Production Performance Monitoring AI app can be applied horizontally across all industries to gain full visibility over manufacturing operations and improve productivity.

Case Studies

Discover how Neewee’s Production Performance Monitoring AI app enabled leading manufacturers to significantly reduce rework and correct critical process deviations to improve production.

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