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5 Reasons Why Manufacturers Struggle to Scale Their Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation (DX) is a key strategy for most manufacturing companies today to secure their competitive position. A 2019 report by The World Economic Forum confirmed that the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies in production was slow, with more than 70% of companies still stuck in pilot mode. And three years later, manufacturers continue to find it challenging to avoid the dreaded “pilot purgatory”. Read to find out why?

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Why is Breaking Down Data Silos Paramount to Production Optimization?  

In the age of Industry 4.0, you must wonder why data silos continue to occur? Breaking down these silos is of paramount importance for your data-driven production scheduling. Siloed systems deny you access to valuable data that could help avoid roadblocks in manufacturing. Data silos hamper your efficiency in responding to customer needs too. How do you get rid of these problematic data silos? Read to find out.

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The Benefits of AI Apps-Assisted Upskilling for Manufacturers

An organization is only as agile as its employees. The greater the turnover, the higher the need for increased efficiency. Artificial intelligence has only helped augment human intelligence to achieve these goals. Read to find out how our AI apps assist learning and decision-making on the shop floor, thus enhancing organizational performance.

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Keys for Unlocking Business Benefits from Micro-scheduling: Use Case 

IR4 has strengthened the belief that artificial intelligence (AI) can indeed “solve” complex industrial scheduling problems. Here we talk about a use case where one of the largest European Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturers utilized the Bodhee Production Scheduler to optimize production performance.

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The 7 Sins of Manufacturing: Why Smart Projects Fail

What are the seven deadly sins of Smart manufacturing and how would you know that you have been committing them? Are they just common mistakes that all manufacturers make or are you jeopardizing your smart factory project? Is there an IR4 technology that can guarantee a way out before it’s too late? You get to read simple answers to complex questions in our blog now!

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